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Guild Guidelines

Respect all members- While we know not everyone will get along and tempers can run high but respecting each other is our number one priority.

Put in your best effort- Effort above all else will earn you the respect and rewards Tenacity Gaming has to offer.

Have fun

Guild Type


PvE: Progression guild with ahead of the curve mentality. Our members consist of veterans from all angles of raiding, from cutting edge pushers/server firsts to casual weekend war- riors. All dedicated to the same goal.


PvP: Arena and Battleground champs. We consist of Multi-Gladiators to the low elo bot looking for his or her big break. Everyone is welcome and help is always available.


*casual community members are always welcome and can apply any time for any of our avenues that fit them.

Loot Rules

Loot Council - Based on a strict effort put into helping the guild and attendance, loot is handed out following a priority list to allow the guild easy transitions from progression to farming. This does not mean “so you’re saying I wont ever get loot”, EVERYONE will get loot. Effort supersedes the priority.

Raid Schedule

Tenacity will be running a two-raid day schedule with a flex cleanup day on the weekends. However, days and times may change based on popular demand. All members will be given chances to speak up when needed and given notice when dates or times change.

Tuesday – 7:00pm – 10:00pm EST


Thursday – 7:00pm – 10:00pm EST


Sunday – Flex

*Attendance is required when under the role of Raider. If you are going to be late, absent, or would like to step down please notify an officer as soon as possible.

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