How are event/tournament prizes paid out?

Cash prizes are paid out through PayPal. RP prizes will be gifted via League client from our maginificient CEO. Communication for prizes will be done by either Twitch DM or Discord DM by one of our representatives.

Are we required to join Tenacity Gaming’s discord to compete in events and tournaments?

Yes, you must join our Discord to participate in Tenacity Gaming events.

Best way to contact Tenacity Gaming?

Direct messages through social media. Discord message anyone in management or staff. Also email: support@tenacitygaming.com

Will there be more tournaments in the future?

Absolutely! More LoL tournaments in the making and with visions of branching out into other various games. (Let us know what you want to see next)

How can i get involved within Tenacity Gaming?

Join the Discord and get involved with the community. If you want to help build Tenacity Gaming up, we are always looking for friendly and passionate gamers to help out. Just contact someone with the Management role to see what you can do to help out.

Where/How can I support Tenacity Gaming?

Follow the social media pages and be active within the posts. Sharing posts is a great way to show support. Being active in the twitch chat during our live streams. Posting your TG merchandise and tagging TG.